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What if email was the key to scaling your business?

Or reaching people who genuinely need what you've got to offer?

And what if it didn't have to feel like this heavy, monumental chore you'd rather outsource until the end of time? 

The good news is, email doesn't have to be hard. The ever better news? 

Great emails don't rely on shady marketing tactics.

Or fake, pushy copy that's got "yuck" splattered all over.

Email is STILL the most powerful and direct channel you can use to:

  • connect with your audience,
  • deliver thoughtful, personalized brand experiences, and
  • turn strangers into subscribers or first-time buyers into superfans.

All you need are 5 simple (yet essential) ingredients for email success.

And if you're up for it, here's what we're going to cover over the next 5 days: 

Day #1

Your email marketing success relies on this one critical component. It’s your compass and foundation for turning browsers into buyers, buyers into repeat customers, and customers into loyal superfans. 

DAY #2

If you could run your online shop successfully with just a handful of emails, do you know which ones you absolutely need to deliver an outstanding brand experience? Let’s find out.

DAY #3

So, you want to create memorable brand experiences for your audience. Cool! But how do you avoid making that one critical mistake nearly every ecommerce business falls into?

DAY #4

What's the secret ingredient behind high-converting emails? Is it the golden touch of a skilled copywriter? Or just a case of pure luck and potent formulas at play? Find out in today’s lesson.

DAY #5

Synergy: the unexpected force behind exceptional email experiences (and delightful brand interactions). Surprised? You won’t be when you consider it from your reader’s perspective.

Hey there! I'm Ralitsa.

(Yup, it totally sounds like 🍕)

And I believe that one can never have too many books or enough deep conversations. I also believe that:

Selling what *you* believe in should feel extraordinary.

And if you’re in the business of impacting people or making their lives better, easier, or more mindful...

Selling should never feel anything BUT empowering. 

As an email strategist and conversion copywriter, my job is to help you do one thing: strategically leverage email so you can build genuine, lasting human relationships with your audience.

Relationships built on trust, empathy, and integrity.

Because that (and powerful messaging) is the only surefire way to better conversions, more sales, and delightful brand experiences.

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