Connect Genuinely & Convert Ethically

across every touchpoint of your sales funnel

Your Audience Is
More Sophisticated Than Ever:

Everyone out there is trying to get into their wallet and they know it.

And the more aggressive and insincere the marketing tactic, the easier it is for them to pull back without even blinking.

Ads get scrolled past...

Emails get buried under a Gmail tab...

And webinars that are supposed to be “live” feel like a ghost town of broken promises with no real "limited space" whatsoever.

So when you have a burning desire to help your dream clients... that's just downright disheartening.

And if turning abstract concepts into meaningful words that helps them visualize what tomorrow can look like for them wasn’t hard enough already…

Trying to get your copy to resonate with your perfect client across every touchpoint of your sales funnel may seem like a monumental mission.

How many times have you asked yourself any of the following whenever you sit down to write your copy?

  • What do you say?
  • How should you say it? 
  • When is the best time to bring up your offer?
  • What if it’s too soon? 
  • How do I encourage my audience to take action?
  • And shouldn’t this have more… oomph?
  • But what if I come off as too pushy or salesy?

And Even Though...

You’ve managed to set up your funnel, create a kick-ass quiz or challenge, and go live for 5 days in a row just to connect with your tribe...

And you’ve put SO much effort into your copy or invested a big chunk of your budget in a “wordsmith” to turn your ideas into compelling copy…

Your conversions are poor and you’re nowhere near hitting the ambitious revenue goals you’d so diligently mapped out earlier this year.

In fact, there must be a weak link somewhere in your funnel because…

When your sales copy is not positioning your offer as the undeniable game-changer for your soon-to-be clients...

... trying to reach, captivate, establish trust, and make the impact you’ve been dreaming of is going to be 10x more difficult.

Get your dream clients to say “yes” with

Copy That Connects, Convinces and Converts

When you partner up with me, you get a fusion of conversion-focused copywriting and funnel experience strategy with empathy at its core.

Here's why:

Your sales funnels should be an inviting experience for your tribe and a strategically developed revenue ecosystem for your business.

My specialty lies in crafting messaging that finds your dream clients exactly where they are and connects with them on a deeper human level. This allows me to reduce points of friction, anxiety, or indecision...

... so they can say “yes” to your offer already.

That way, you can sell more of your programs, services, or digital products without drowning in overwhelm during your next launch or feeling like a sellout every time you try to string words together for your sales emails. 


Rohan Chandrashekhar

Ralitsa is a highly-skilled conversion copywriter; someone who thinks with her brain and consults with her heart. I feel lucky and blessed to have had the opportunity to benefit from her level of mastery and craftsmanship.

She is meticulous, organised, dedicated, and ridiculously easy to work with. Some of the best qualities you could find in a seasoned professional. She is also incredibly kind and patient with her clients.

I absolutely love how quickly she’s able to roll up her sleeves, get deep into a complex project, understand it thoroughly from all angles, and advise the best steps to achieve ambitious goals.

She performs her research and copywriting duties with surgical precision, which makes her deliverables worth 10x more than what she charges for.

Who I Best Jam With

If you identify with any (or all) of the following 6 statements and catch yourself nodding with excitement that you might have found someone who gets you, there’s a very good chance we could make magical things together:

  • You have unshakeable faith in your offer and have the proof to vouch for it
  • You want “just right for my audience” rather than “short and sweet, and delivered yesterday”
  • You’ve been in business for a while and are ready to be more intentional with your marketing
  • You have realistic goals and are willing to explore new avenues to get there knowing you’ve got a strategic partner by your side every step of the way
  • You cringe at the thought of adding fake urgency to your emails and using disingenuous, shady tactics that others seem to roll with just fine
  • You believe in serving your audience and providing an authentic, humanized, on-brand experience across your entire funnel

What Does My Process Look Like?

Here’s a breakdown of the Immersive Message-Finding Framework™, my signature process for creating conversion-focused copy that wins over your audience with empathy and unapologetic authenticity. 

Because copywriting without research is like fumbling your way through a pitch-black room. Or guessing at it, which is basically the same.
(But a helluva lot riskier.)

Step #1: Discover

I dive deep into your brand voice, audience, and competitors. I uncover what delights, frustrates, or motivates them, so I can easily tune in to the conversation that’s already happening in their heads.

That way, I can identify messaging gaps, opportunities, and insightful thought patterns that drive your One Reader (aka dream client) to act. Some of the ways I do this is by collecting data from review mining, on-site polls, surveys, client interviews, and going through live chat transcripts.

Step #2: Distill

After I’ve explored the worldview of your ideal client, the next step is to take all that research data and pinpoint key findings. This will help me figure out the order our messages need to follow on the page, so we can match your audience’s stage of awareness.

I determine which proven frameworks and formulas to use in the writing stage, so we can meet your readers exactly where they are with on-brand copy that reads compelling, resonates with your audience, and has one specific goal: getting the "yes".

Step #3: Develop

Now that I'm more familiar with your brand voice, audience, and competitors, and I've uncovered meaningful audience insights, it's time to write the first draft. Once I'm done, I step away and revisit in 1-2 days, tightening up the copy until the messaging is convincing, clear, and concise.

After that, I'll give our words visual context by creating a wireframe, so you can see how it'll look on-page. We then hop on a call for a complete walkthrough. You send over your feedback within 3 business days. And I turn around any edits within the same timeframe, so we can stick to our timelines.


We’ve finally reached the point where we implement the copy and put it to work. Depending on the project, gathering useful performance data may take some time to collect. Once we have that first batch of results, you share these with me and we dig deeper into the data.

We determine whether we should test additional variants or experiment with different angles, and we discuss how to further optimize your copy. This is to ensure that it's doing the job it's supposed to: compel your One Reader to say "yes".

Sam Brown

Sam Brown

Ralitsa was a dream to work with! I would recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced writer to create compelling copy. Ralitsa created a 10-email funnel for one of my online courses and was able to get into my voice with ease. She was proactive, responsive to my requests and met all deadlines. The process couldn't have been any smoother. Thank you Ralitsa!

All the As to Your Must-Ask Qs:

How do I know working with you is going to result in more conversions?

Any copywriter can help me with my copy. Why focus on conversion copywriting?

How far out are you booking?

Any chance we can skip some part of the process?

How can I jump on a call with you to discuss my project?

How are you going to share your work with me? 

How do I lock a spot in your calendar if I’d like to move forward?

Who do you typically work with?

Persuasion Works Best When It Strikes at the Heart of Indecision

Let’s work together to close the gap in your sales funnels and dissolve friction. So you can have a solid gateway to more sales built on humanized, empathy-based marketing.