Fundamental question for impact-driven business owners determined to
turn their sales page into a perennial profit powerhouse in 2021 and beyond:

If there was an easy and quick way to refine your sales page, without sinking under another wave of frustration...

... Would you be willing to trust yourself and your deep understanding of your audience, before you go all-in on "expert" marketing tactics that don't quite sit well with you?

Here's why anything other than a resounding "yes" can end up costing you not only more time and money but also your irreplaceable peace of mind

#TruthBomb time:

For every 6-figure course launch you've heard about, there are thousands of other failed course launches you'll probably never hear about.

In fact, so many creative entrepreneurs think people will be waiting in line to get first dibs on their spanking new transformational course.

But the cruel reality we live in is this:

Clients are just not going to automagically zoom their way to you, credit cards in hand, ready to throw their hard-earned cash your way.

So what's a savvy business owner to do?

Two things, actually:

1) Get so good at magnetizing your dream clients with your strategic online presence that the scenario above simply becomes a natural consequence, all because of the trust and connection you've built with your ideal audience.

2) Become a master at captivating them with meaningful, fluff-free language that makes your perfect client feel like you're having a 1-1 convo over a mug of freshly-brewed, invigoratingly spicy Rooibos tea.

Here's the thing though...

As a smart business owner, you typically find yourself in one of these two (equally troubling) scenarios:

🔍 Scenario #1

You've been writing your own sales copy and flying solo with some success until now.

Which, most days, looks a little bit like this:

Spending your AM to PM tied to your desk, sitting in your increasingly-uncomfortable Aeron chair (is that even possible?!), all while trying to make sense of all those words floating across your screen.

Meanwhile, your launch deadline keeps looming over your head.

You're gasping for air. Yearning for a bit of a timeout.

Or just a simple nap.

But if someone could offer you MASSIVE clarity around how to sort your copy so it looks like a solid sales page..?

You'd say "yes" in a heartbeat.

🔍 Scenario #2

You're bringing in your A-game.

You're showing up in your business as the CEO you want to be.

You've hired that kickass copywriter who promised to take what's in your head and bring it to life, hopefully making you some sales along the way.

But then you go through the draft and realize:

None of it feels like anything you'd ever say.

Instead, it sounds like something straight out of the mouth of one of those "making 6-figures while sipping coconut mojitos in Bali" digital nomads...

With each line sending progressively bigger waves of "ick" that slowly – but surely – start crushing your hopes of going live with your course or program any time soon…

… Let alone throwing a post-launch success party next Friday at cart close.

And as much as I hate to break it to you...

Asking Google "how to write great headlines" and keeping your fingers crossed that at least one of them is going to work as your sales page's main headline...

Or loading every single testimonial you've collected during your beta round only to prove you're legit… 

… Both of these are just band-aid solutions.

Because if your sales page copy is not doing its job, you're missing out on the number one thing that can move the needle for your business.

So how can you get out of your biggest blind spot?

Do you...

🤔 Avoid sales copy for all business eternity and stop yourself completely from ever building a profitable, sustainable, and successful business?

🤔 Keep spending most of your waking time trying to string the "right words" together all while pretending that you know what you're doing?

🤔 Take a wild guess at one of those "copywriting formulas" you found on Google and hope that does the trick somehow?

Or do you risk hiring another copywriter to fix what the first one couldn't deliver...

... all while thinking to yourself that everyone out there is just after some quick casholine and ZERO interest in you or your business?

The good news is... 

You don't have to go with either one of these options.

Here's why:

Sales pages are *supposed to* be hard.

That's why it takes professional copywriters years of consistent training and 10x more practice to get good at writing, analyzing, and producing high-converting sales copy.

And that can be even harder for non-copywriters, especially when you want to:

🔥 infuse empathy into your marketing,

🔥 leverage your deep understanding of your audience and their worldview,

🔥 clearly separate yourself from any members of the Sleazy Salesmen Club of United Yuck, where pushing psychological buttons in ALL the wrong (and unethical) ways is "how it's done".

And that's exactly why getting someone to help you understand what goes on under "the hood" of your sales page can be pivotal for your next launch.

Someone who can ignite your confidence in what you've got to offer...

... without losing yourself in a whirlpool of overwhelm, powerlessness, and frustration a minute longer.

And if you let me, I'd like to show you a less painful and much more cost-effective way you can finally stop second-guessing what should go on your sales page and how to stitch your words in a logical, client-centric, and ethically persuasive way.

One that ensures your words can successfully carry the weight of your message AND connect with your dream clients.

(No ick, yuck, slime, or sleaze included. Ever. I promise.)

But first, who am I to be telling you this?

Ralitsa Minkova headshot

Hey there, amazing human!

Ralitsa here.

(Aah. Yes. My name? It might take you a bit longer to process than this entire page. But pizza rhymes and other such unhealthy eating delights aside...)

I'm the copywriter you want in your corner when you're looking to infuse empathy in your sales copy.

So you can meet your dream clients where they're at, serve them from a place of integrity, and offer them nothing but the perfect solution to their biggest problems.

When I'm not indulging in deep (occasionally one-sided) conversations about anything between Japanese honorifics to poorly designed checkout experiences in my local supermarket...

Or getting my “learn on” about everything related to copy, design, marketing funnels, and brand strategy...

I help my clients uncover deeper, more meaningful insights into their audience with my signature process, the Immersive Message-Finding Framework™.

It's what allows me to craft high-performing, conversion-focused copy backed by data and empathy-fueled, relationship-first marketing.

And if you allow me to ease some of the burden you already bear by running a growing business...

I'd be honored to help you boost your bottom line so you can impact more of your clients' lives and businesses in the way only *you* are uniquely qualified and capable to do.


Rohan Chandrashekhar

Ralitsa is a highly-skilled conversion copywriter; someone who thinks with her brain and consults with her heart. I feel lucky and blessed to have had the opportunity to benefit from her level of mastery and craftsmanship.

She is meticulous, organised, dedicated, and ridiculously easy to work with. Some of the best qualities you could find in a seasoned professional. She is also incredibly kind and patient with her clients.

I absolutely love how quickly she’s able to roll up her sleeves, get deep into a complex project, understand it thoroughly from all angles, and advise the best steps to achieve ambitious goals.

She performs her research and copywriting duties with surgical precision, which makes her deliverables worth 10x more than what she charges for.

Introducing the Profit-Up Copy Audit™ for Sales Pages:

The fast-track, pain-free way to get a pair of trained eyes on your sales page copy...

So your message starts hitting home and your Stripe notifications keep flooding your inbox from the moment your launch goes live.

The Profit-Up Copy Audit™ is perfect for business owners, like you, who are short on time and need to get their sales page in top shape before the Big Launch Day.

Instead of wasting weeks screening dozens of poor-fit copywriters on Upwork (and watching your patience dangerously dwindle with each sloppy proposal sneaking into your inbox)...

In just 10 days, you will have a complete review of your sales page by a professional conversion copywriting specialist.

The result?

✅ A sales page that draws people in with a velvet-smooth flow

✅ Compelling messaging that effortlessly leads to getting the "yes"

✅ The opportunity to build a stronger connection with your ideal client

✅ Feeling more confident in your copy because you no longer leave anything to chance

✅ Copy that sounds more like you because you'll know exactly where your voice needs to be injected and how that helps you create a more personable, humanized experience for your reader

✅ Understanding all the moving parts that make a persuasive, powerful sales page (including what your perfect client needs to see, read, and feel while on your page)

✅ Setting yourself up for business growth, knowing that your sales page creates less friction and anxiety and more delight and anticipation for what you are uniquely capable of delivering

✅ Selling with complete confidence and ZERO chances of coming off as salesy, sleazy, or slimy anywhere in your copy

Put an end to sales page drama with a power audit that walks you through your copy line by line

Here's everything you get with the Profit-Up Copy Audit™ for Sales Pages:

💡 One video walkthrough of your entire sales page with insights into what works, including solid suggestions for improvement like:

🔹 How to thoughtfully address your audience's deepest fears, objections, and motivations, weaving them into your copy in an effective and powerful way

🔹 How to draw your reader's attention to the right messages and strategically introduce your Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

🔹Where your language could use some extra personality to create a deeper, more human connection with your reader

🔹 How to infuse your sales page copy with empathy at all the right places so you can build trust and inspire confidence in your dream clients

🔹 What you'll want to consider for an easy to read (and look at!) sales page that makes your reader's experience unexpectedly pleasant

🔹How to foolproof your page's flow so it takes your reader from lukewarmly interested to actively engaged and eager to take the next step

🔹How to organize your sales page sections based on behavioral psychology, conversion copywriting, and user experience principles, so your messaging flows seamlessly and with as few friction points as possible

💡 One marked-up version of your sales page draft with comments you can always refer back to so you know exactly where your copy is strong and which areas you could further finesse

💡 One complete transcript of your sales page audit in PDF format so you can make notes and highlight any sections that give rise to new, challenging, or exciting questions for you to explore

💡 One 30-min live Q+A call with me, where you can get answers to all your questions before you head off – armed with practical and useful insights – to implement your next steps

PLUS: Written-by-Yours-Truly Copy Recommendations
To make this as useful and actionable for you in the shortest amount of time possible, you'll also get recommended copy for 2 key areas of your sales page. That way, you can see in action how your copy gets whipped into shape as I run you through my thought process behind each suggestion.

So if you're looking for a convenient, fast-track, and simple way to get the eyes of a conversion copywriter on your sales page without the hefty price tag of a custom, done-for-you sales page copywriting project…

The Profit-Up Copy Audit™ for Sales Pages is for you. At just $997, this is the fastest way you can get my eyes on your copy.

Questions you want to ask before saying "yes" to the Profit-Up Copy Audit for Sales Pages

Can you remind me of everything I get with the Profit-Up Copy Audit for my sales page?

What kind of information will you need from me to get started?

Will you be rewriting my sales page during this audit?

When will I receive my sales page audit?

When can I book our live Q+A call?

What if I'd like to work with you after I get my audit?

What payment methods do you accept?

Do you offer refunds?

Sam Brown

Sam Brown

Ralitsa was a dream to work with! I would recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced writer to create compelling copy. Ralitsa created a 10-email funnel for one of my online courses and was able to get into my voice with ease. She was proactive, responsive to my requests and met all deadlines. The process couldn't have been any smoother. Thank you Ralitsa!

Still not convinced that the Profit-Up Copy Audit is exactly what you need right now?

I’m not gonna lie – this may probably not be where you’d want to invest your money right now. So how do you figure this out when you *really* want to make your sales page work but your priorities seem to lie elsewhere?

Here’s a fun, super quick way for you to find out if the Profit-Up Copy Audit™ is exactly what you need:

You are ready to make the most out of your sales page audit if...

1. You've been in business for a while and have already sold your service, product, or course with some success, but you know your copy could be working harder for you and performing better.

2. You know exactly who you're speaking to and all you want when your people read through your copy is to make them feel heard and understood.

3. You've been so focused on showing up in your business and producing content for your community, only to realize that the most important, needle-moving piece of your marketing has taken a back seat somewhere along the way.

4. You've read the books, you've scoured Google for answers, and you've tried your best to write that sales page on your own... but after hours of slaving over your keyboard, you're ready to figure out how to move in the right direction. 

5. You already know you're in this for the long haul. And if you're ever going to be leading your team and smashing through those big audacious goals, you realize that understanding what goes into a persuasive sales page is going to help you communicate your ideas more effectively and with greater confidence. (Plus, when you'll need to hire another copywriter, you'll have a better idea of what to look for.)

6. You're excited to learn how you can take your already good copy and give it a stronger, more powerful persuasive and emotional edge that's going to help you connect with your dream clients through the impact of your words.

7. You're willing to find the piece of the puzzle that seems to be missing from your marketing success, so you can finally leave behind anyone who ever doubted you.

If you caught yourself nodding to at least 3 of the 7 points above, then I can't wait to fire away your welcome email for the Profit-Up Copy Audit and help you feel more confident about your sales page during your next launch.