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What is Design 101 for Copywriters?

It's the missing manual on design by a copywriter. FOR copywriters. 

Design 101 for Copywriters is a program designed to help you master the basics of design.

So you can drive your projects with more confidence, become your clients' best-kept secret, and finally bridge the gap between copywriting and design.

Here's just a tiny snippet of what we're going to cover (with more bonuses to be added). 🔥

The fundamentals of design for copywriters

Find out how to uncover, deconstruct, and use these basic design principles in your work as a copywriter. So you can impress your clients with wireframes that let your copy shine.

Using layout strategically to guide your readers

Now that you're familiar with these essential design basics, you can make better-informed decisions when wireframing your copy. So the layout supports your copy, while keeping conversions in mind.

Offering creative direction with total confidence

See why presenting your copy is critical and how to do it like a BOSS. You'll also learn how to speak the designer's language, so you can direct the final stage of your project with more confidence (and wow your clients).

BONUS: The UX factor in design and writing

What's the biggest difference between UX design & UX writing? A lot, actually. And having a basic understanding of both can help YOU land bigger projects – and offer (even) more value to your clients.

Not *really* interested in being a part of a community or getting my personal feedback on your wireframes? 🤫
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