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Connect with your ideal customers. Build unshakeable trust in your brand. And turn one-time buyers into loyal superfans.

Ralitsa Minkova


Let’s take all the guesswork out of your email strategy and turn your brand into a magnetic powerhouse. 

*Everyone* says you need better emails

You know... those revenue-making emails that captivate, connect, convince, and convert.

But where do you get those exactly?

Do you:

  • write them yourself (and cross your fingers that you’ve done something right)?
  • ask your in-house copywriter to do their magic (and wonder why your emails are still not working like they should)?
  • hire a 5-star copywriter on Upwork (and pray they don’t let you down after making a good impression)?
  • or turn to an agency (and hope that they give you that full VIP treatment they promised, even after you've paid them the big bucks)?

But, before that, what if there was an even more important question to ask first? 

What is your strategy for email success?

See, even if you have one killer email with a gem of a subject line, that one GOOD email will hardly save you from a poorly thought-out email strategy.

Because, ultimately, a strategy focused on your brand’s needs, objectives, and audience will outlive and outperform any short-term marketing fad.

And that’s exactly what I have to offer:

Big-picture strategy

An email strategy that honors your brand’s values, aligns with your mission, and paves the way for those ambitious (yet realistic) goals you've got. 

A solid workflow process

We'll dig deep into your brand's DNA, understand the worldview of your ideal audience, and craft email copy that respects your customer’s journey every step of the way. Sans sleaze or FOMO-bloated tactics.

A committed business partner

Someone you can lean on, knowing they've got not only your best interest in mind but your customers' too. And who also values your expertise, believes in your brand, and has a knack for connecting those dots.

Ralitsa delivers a full-package service. She offered great email content along with quality insight outside of the email copy. Writing email copy is one thing but having someone looking at the big picture is something else entirely. Based on my brief experience working with Ralitsa, I'd highly recommend her to any business owner who's serious about their email marketing.



Ready to make the most out of your email marketing efforts?

Here are 3 quick ways I can help you level up your email game so you can make more sales with customer-centric, high-converting, empathy-driven emails.

Email UX & Conversion Audit

Not sure why your emails aren't performing? Find out exactly what you can improve in your strategy, copy, and UX to boost conversions – fast.

Email Success Roadmap

Get your email strategy and most profitable email sequences fully mapped out. So you know exactly what goes into each email (and why).

Brand Voice Intensive

If you want to inject your brand's voice and personality into your copy, so you stay memorable and stand out from every other brand out there, this is for you.

Hey! I'm Ralitsa.

(Sounds just like 🍕)

And I believe that one can never have too many books or enough deep conversations. I also believe that:

Selling what *you* believe in should feel extraordinary.

And if you’re in the business of impacting people or making their lives better, easier, or more mindful...

Selling should never feel anything BUT empowering. 

As an email strategist and conversion copywriter, my job is to help you do one thing:

Strategically leverage email so you can build genuine, lasting human relationships with your audience.

Relationships built on trust, empathy, and integrity that lead to better conversions, more sales, and delightful brand and customer experiences.


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