How would it feel to...

Grow Your Impact-Driven Business and Supercharge Your Revenue

... without turning into a soulless sellout?

Pretty Darn Badass. Yes?

Because with the intrusive, all-up-in-your-face marketing your ideal clients have to face every day, it’s becoming harder than ever to break through their digital blinders and become someone they will actually notice under a pouring torrent of “Me, me, me!”

So if you catch yourself...

Feeling icky after hours of researching everything about sales funnels, copywriting tips, and marketing how-tos...

Wondering if you should just give in to those hype-injected, FOMO-bloated tactics you see so many 6-figure entrepreneurs use during their launches...

Or thinking it's impossible to build a profitable business without cheating on your values, giving up on your mission, and basically becoming someone you can’t stand facing in the mirror every morning…

The internet gods may have brought you to just the right place.

Hi, I’m Ralitsa.

Ralitsa Minkova headshot

I help purpose-driven business owners attract and retain their dream clients by combining the power of humanized sales funnels and empathy-fueled conversion copywriting. The result? 

Taking the guesswork out of your sales funnel, emails, and sales pages once and for all. So you can finally sell with total confidence AND feel amazing about it.

See, the thing is...

Selling What You Believe in Should Feel Extraordinary

Infuse empathy into your marketing and selling becomes an act of sharing:

You become a trusted advisor with something immensely valuable to share that has the power to transform your ideal client's life or business. 

You no longer come from a place of fear (fear of competition, fear of giving out too much for zero dinero, and fear of coming off as pushy). Rather, you come from a place of generosity, integrity, and authenticity.

You get to communicate with your dream clients and build lasting human relationships, which is what marketing is essentially all about.

With empathy at the heart of everything you do...

You Step into a Position of Pure Empowerment:

You no longer have to compromise on your values or allow your mission and purpose to fade into the background.

Or fall prey to fear-based marketing tactics that get whisked your way.

And you don’t have to stress yourself over fancy webinar launch formulas that can easily fling open the floodgates of overwhelm, either.

When every piece of your sales funnel has a clear goal, gets crafted with intention and is relevant to your audience, you can finally watch your business flourish with complete confidence.

That’s Where Teaming up with a Conversion Copywriter Comes In:

When we work together, I take a deep dive into who you serve before anything else. That way, I can pluck out of your sales funnel the most common friction points that may be creating a disconnect with your ideal audience.

And by replacing those with trust builders and anxiety relievers...

You get a friction-free funnel with sales copy that’s strategically designed to:

  • Captivate your ideal clients’ attention with messaging they can relate to
  • Excite them about a future or potential they had never imagined possible
  • Nurture them to the point where they’re ready to say "yes" to your offer
  • Forge a real connection with your growing tribe beyond the point of sale

So you can not only build a feel-good, predictable, and highly profitable revenue system but also elevate your entire marketing with intelligent sales funnels and empathy-fueled conversion copywriting.

Sam Brown

Sam Brown

Ralitsa was a dream to work with! I would recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced writer to create compelling copy. Ralitsa created a 10-email funnel for one of my online courses and was able to get into my voice with ease. She was proactive, responsive to my requests and met all deadlines. The process couldn't have been any smoother. Thank you Ralitsa!

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