Ralitsa Minkova

Conversion Copywriter & Funnel Optimization Architect

You are a purpose-driven entrepreneur, coach, and educator extraordinaire.

And you're on a mission to help your dream clients and students achieve their goals so they can go from breakdown to breakthrough.

When it comes to your business, you have a crystal-clear vision of how things should be. But that meticulously planned out launch or funnel that seemed SO promising just last week is starting to stress you out...

Big time.

And the more the days pass by (and the sound of crickets amplifies by the hour), the more you feel that something is just NOT right.

All those sales you were hoping to get once you launched your new course? They're nowhere near what you imagined.

Even though you created *exactly* what your tribe wanted...

You've got this nagging feeling that your copy is not working as hard as it should to instill that confidence in your program.

Could it be that you didn't add enough "urgency"? 

(Hint: Urgency is not what drives people to buy high-ticket programs. No matter what those marketing "gurus" out there keep going on about.) 

Either way, there seems to be a gaping hole in your funnel... and you're ready for someone to step in and help you figure out how to close it.

So you can stop watching all your effort and energy go down the drain.

What you need is a copywriter who understands Person-to-Person marketing.


Someone who will take the time to understand your audience, your business, and what you've got to offer.

Someone who is – just like you – driven by empathy and the burning desire to see your tribe transform their lives and businesses.

If this sounds exactly like the type of person you can see yourself teaming up with for your next big launch, let's talk!

In just 15 minutes, you'll find out if I am the strategic partner you've been looking for...

But, more importantly, you'll find out if I'm someone you could *actually* enjoy working with.

At the same time, I'll get an idea of what your sales funnel looks like, what you've done so far, and what you're trying to achieve with your sales copy so you can reach the launch revenue goals you've set.

I will give you actionable tips you can implement right away, so that even if we don't end up working together, by the end of the call you can have a clear direction you can follow.

"Why do this for free?", you may ask.

Because I believe that the best way to get a feel for what it's like to work with someone is to actually connect with them. So you can instantly gauge how invested they are in understanding your business (and see if they're asking you the RIGHT questions).

If you feel the same way and want to find out if we're a perfect match, hit the button below to schedule your free 15-minute Discovery Call.

Clicking above will take you to my online scheduling tool so you can book your time slot.

Getting cold feet about jumping on a call with a complete stranger? (I could be a cyborg from another galaxy, after all...) 🤔

In that case, you can always drop me an email or fill out the form below.

I would love if you could tell me a bit about your project, what your biggest launch struggle is right now, and (100% optional) if you're a DC or Marvel kinda person. 🤓

I'll tell you if (and how) I can actually help, without wasting your time.

To selling with empathy,

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