“So... what does your process look like?”

Because without having a solid process to rely on, you’re simply fumbling your way through the pitch-black darkness, hoping that you end up somewhere.

But... is getting "somewhere" good enough for you?

I’m willing to bet that it’s not. 

In fact, the only destination you’re probably aiming for is the one that comes naturally to you: Success on your terms.

Satisfied customers and clients who are well-cared for.

And (hopefully) leaving the world a better place than how you found it.

Sure, you can get there eventually, despite any potential roadblocks or delays.

But what if you could get there sooner than later AND avoid the layovers or the dozens of connecting flights along the way?

What if you could board a direct flight that takes you exactly where you want to go, while flying first class, and knowing where you are at every point of your journey?

That’s exactly why having a clearly laid out process is so important.

In flying, and in business.

Introducing the SUN Framework

My signature process for creating winning messaging strategies for web and email, fueled by customer-centric, conversion-focused copy.

So you can attract your audience with integrity and unapologetic authenticity.

Why “SUN”?

Because just as the sun sustains our planet and everything around us, the SUN Framework breathes new life into your business.

It helps you create an empathy-based ecosystem where trust, customer loyalty and authentic human relationships can flourish.

The SUN Framework visual breakdown of the steps: Align, Discover, Distill, Develop, Deploy, and Debrief

Here's what that the SUN Framework looks like in action:

SUN Framework graphic - Step 1 - Align
Step 1: ALIGN

Before anything else, I take the time to understand what your biggest challenge is and what you’ve done so far.

That way, I'll have a better grasp of the problem we’re trying to solve. I’ll know what resources are available, what’s missing, and what the best course of action is for your brand.

Step 2: DIscover

This is where I dive deeper into your brand, your competitors, and your ideal audience. Through voice-of-customer research (VOC), I uncover what delights, frustrates, or motivates them.

This is the key to writing copy that resonates with your audience, so they say “yes” to your offer, as if it were the only natural next step (because it is).

SUN Framework graphic - Step 2 - Discover
SUN Framework graphic - Step 3 - Distill
step 3: distill

The next step is to extract key VOC findings and group them into themes, so we have a better idea of what your audience's worldview looks like.

This is also the stage where we’ll be taking a close look at what’s been working well and what can be improved, so your messaging hits home and resonates on a deeper level.

step 4: develop

Here, I outline each page or email before writing a single line of copy. Once I’m done with the first drafts, I'll revisit the copy with a fresh pair of eyes and to make some final refinements. 

After that comes wireframing. This is what brings words to life and provides your design team with a basic visual direction.

SUN Framework graphic - Step 4 - Develop
SUN Framework graphic - Step 5 - Deploy
step 5: deploy

While good copy is the cornerstone of your entire sales system, it’s the perfect alignment of copy AND design that makes any online interaction a delight.

And this is why I work closely with your design team, making sure that everything is exactly as it should be before you deploy your brand-new web pages or emails.

Step 6: DEBRIEf

Depending on the project and our goals, this is where we’ll check your copy's performance: what’s improved, what's been unexpected, and what to keep in mind moving forward.

The best part about conversion copywriting is that you never stop learning: every result is an opportunity to improve your messaging. Because growth happens on a continuum. 

And so does conversion optimization.

SUN Framework graphic - Step 6 - Debrief

Wondering about how we could work together?

Check out my fast-track services if you're short on time. 

Or, if you've got a custom project in mind, drop me a line and tell me more about what you need to get done, including all the juicy details you can share. 

Key questions you may want to ask  

✨ What type of businesses do you usually work with?

Over the last 8+ years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide range of clients in different niches (e.g. ecommerce, education, healthcare, coaching, tech, digital marketing agencies, a.o.).

And while every industry and niche offers infinite opportunities for growth and optimization...

I work best with business owners and brands whose values and mission I resonate with on a personal level. And whose products, services, or subscriptions I can wholeheartedly support.

This usually falls into the health & wellness, physical therapy, healthcare, and pet care space.

So if your offers have been thoughtfully designed to empower your audience, help them transform their lives for the better or streamline their business in a more impactful, meaningful way, I'd love to connect and see how I could potentially help.

Knowing your solution can have a positive impact on someone's life or business feels AMAZING.

And if your messaging is the best-suited vehicle to reaching more of the *right* people, I'd be beyond thrilled to partner up on something I, too, believe in – or can support fully.

After all, why work with anyone who is not even remotely as invested in your mission as you are?

🎯 How do I know working with you is going to lead to more conversions?

You don’t. You never know until you deploy your email copy or start testing. And if anyone guarantees conversions, I’d suggest turning the other way.

Because while good, high-converting copy can bring in sales, there are often multiple factors involved outside of copy:

Your relationship with your subscribers, their engagement and experience with your brand, what you offer, and how you go about selling it are just some of the pieces that can influence your conversion rate.

This is why I’m so big on brand, user, and customer experience.

The one thing I *can* guarantee, though, is having someone you can rely on by your side, who is committed to your growth and success. Someone who pays attention to the details, can connect the dots, and who looks at the bigger picture (and all the nuances in between).

😎 Any copywriter can write copy. Why hire you?

That’s a great (and perfectly valid) question!

If you spend some time looking into the different terms floating around, you’ll notice that a lot of writers label themselves as copywriters. 

But, the truth is, copywriting is a very nuanced field with differences that matter.

Content writers are usually part of a content marketing team. Sometimes they’ll also call themselves copywriters, which adds to every client’s confusion when trying to make sense of things. They usually employ storytelling techniques to draw people in and create brand awareness or awareness about a specific problem their ideal reader is facing. (Think top-of-the-funnel content like blog posts.) 

Copywriters tend to fall into 2 broader categories, marketing copywriters and creative copywriters. 

Creative copywriters usually work in agencies and produce creative (aka copy) for marketing campaigns aimed mainly at building brand awareness and boosting brand exposure. Think of ad campaigns like “Got milk?”, Volkswagen’s “Think Small”, and Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaigns. 

Marketing copywriters, on the other hand, are those who write copy that’s meant to sell, usually in a direct-to-consumer way. 

Direct response copywriting falls under that category, which is what you’d mostly associate today with those hype-y, long-form sales letters you see in bro-marketing (heavy on the psychological triggers and often full of fake urgency and FOMO). 

Conversion copywriting also falls under the umbrella term “marketing copywriting” and is a term coined by the original conversion copywriter, Joanna Wiebe of CopyHackers.

As a conversion copywriter who’s studied under Joanna Wiebe, I specialize in the art and science of ethical persuasion. This is where I fuse language, empathy, and emotion to craft messaging based on:

  • extensive voice-of-customer research (VOC)
  • behavioral economics
  • behavioral psychology
  • proven copywriting frameworks
  • principles of decision making
  • User Experience design principles (UX)

Paired with a passion for human-to-human marketing and crafting epic brand and customer experiences, you’ll have someone with a reliable arsenal of skills to help you:

  • boost sales with a solid email strategy and copy designed to resonate with *your* audience 
  • optimize your sales funnel so you can reach your audience with the most relevant messages 
  • leverage one of the most intimate communication channels in a profitable yet ethical way
  • deliver a meaningful experience with your brand across every touchpoint of your sales funnel

🔥 Your process seems… extensive. Can't we skip some of it?

You’re right. It *is* extensive.

This is why I only take on a limited number of clients for custom projects each year. And why I’m very selective about who I partner up with.

I understand that having tight deadlines or working with a limited budget may be a deal-breaker for you.

But I also know that you and your business deserve more than cutting corners. Just like your audience deserves the absolute best product, service, and brand experience you've got to offer them.

So in order for me to do what I do best and help you get results from your efforts, skipping any part of my process would not only hinder that but it would also be the same as me doing you a disservice.

That said, if you’re looking for the fast-track option of working with me, I encourage you to check out my services. From email audits to an email sequence intensive (or monthly subscription service) this is the best way to get my eyes on your business and emails without waiting weeks to book a project with me. 

🔮 How far out are you booking?

I take on a limited number of new clients for custom projects and I’m booking out 6-8 weeks in advance.

This means that the more strategic you are with your timelines, the better for your cortisol levels and peace of mind. So try to plan in advance as much as you can (you'll thank yourself later).

Audits and intensives are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

You can find out more about each service here.

🔎 How can I jump on a call with you to discuss my project?

I love getting on calls with clients knowing that I’m as best-prepared as possible.

That way, I can respect your time and tell you in advance if working together seems like a good fit before we get to discuss anything else further.

So if you'd like to chat, please take 90 seconds to fill out this form (and make things extra smooth and easy for both of us). 

Once you’re done and you hit that glorious “submit” button, I’ll be in touch within 1-2 business days so we can set up a time that works for you.

📅 How do I lock a spot in your calendar if I’d like to move forward?

If we turn out to be a perfect fit and you’ve given my proposal your stamp of approval, a deposit will lock in your spot on my calendar in advance and secure space for your project.

That way, we can move forward as outlined in our agreement and avoid any delays.

📬 How are you going to share your work with me?

Once we’ve signed our contract and you’ve paid the deposit, you’ll get invited to a dedicated client portal where you’ll have access to all project files, tasks, timelines, milestones, etc.

That way, you’ll always know what’s going on with your project every step of the way.

(And you won’t have to tackle email, Trello notifications, Slack, and everything else in between!)

Apart from that, I use Google Drive because it’s convenient for sharing files and it allows me to keep all project files neatly organized in a single place:

  • Each email draft is delivered as a Google Doc to make the feedback process easier.
  • You’ll also get PDFs/PNGs of all email wireframes and email sequence flows.
  • All decks I share with you will be in PDF format.

Inside your dashboard, you’ll have a master doc with ALL links and deliverables, so you can find everything in just a few clicks.