Hey there! I'm Ralitsa.

Messaging strategist, conversion copywriter, and digital experience architect with a passion for great UX, stellar CX, and empathy-fueled marketing. 

My motto? 

Connect genuinely and convert ethically across every touchpoint of your sales funnel.

Your audience is more sophisticated than ever

Every single brand out there is trying to get into their wallet.

(And they know it.) 

So the more pushy, insincere, or sleazy the marketing tactic...

Or the more frustrating or counter-intuitive the user experience is for someone...

The easier it is for them to cross off a brand completely and go for a competitor. 

Sounds like great news for you. 

Because if you're reading this, I have the feeling  that *you* are different:

Maybe you lift people up and celebrate them – long before they buy from you.

Or maybe that's already an intrinsic part of your brand's DNA (something you're darn proud of) but you just need to find a way for your copy to reflect that, too.

Bottom line is – you care about the people you serve

And if you're still with me...

Then you're probably ready to uncover the weak link in your sales funnel strategy. And create a reliable revenue system that runs on profitable email sequences, delightful user (and customer!) experience, and conversion-focused copywriting. So you can finally:

Step up your email game

So you no longer wonder why email isn't driving the sales you expected. Or if your email strategy is even working.

Optimize your entire sales funnel

Set up the email sequences you need to captivate, connect, and convert curious browsers into loyal customers.

Amplify your brand experience

Become impossible to forget simply because you provide a delightful, customer-first experience every time.

Think we'd make a dream team?

If you identify with at least 3 out of these 5 statements and catch yourself nodding with excitement that you might have found someone who *finally* gets you...

There’s a pretty good chance we could make e-magical things together.

(Occasional bad puns not included) 😎

You believe in serving your audience and providing a humanized brand experience across every touchpoint.

You've been in business for a while, have unshakeable faith in your product or service, and a powerful mission that keeps you going.

You want “just right for my audience” rather than “short and sweet, and delivered yesterday”.

You're ready to get more intentional with your messaging, have realistic goals, and are allergic to FOMO tactics.

You’re looking for a strategic partner you can count on. Someone who can dig deep, diagnose, and recommend the best course of action for your audience and business.

What I deeply believe in

As an unabashedly self-proclaimed multipotentialite, summing up my own brand in an archetype feels like a mission impossible.

And while I can’t package myself up in one word, these are the essential elements that make up my core belief system in business.

The fuel that keeps me going. 

The light that pierces through the darkness of uncertainty.

And the values I bring along with me in every virtual room:


Do everything with integrity. Remain true to your principles and be honest with yourself and those around you.


Find reasons to get genuinely excited. Work with amazing people and choose meaningful projects that light you up.


You only know a fragment of someone’s story. Ask better, thoughtful questions. And listen deeply to understand.  


Strive for constant improvement. Acknowledge where you stumbled. Do better (and be better) than yesterday.


Stay curious so you can continuously grow. It’s what nurtures your mind and keeps you nimble and awake.


Explore things from multiple angles. Connect the dots. Assume nothing, reflect on everything.

But besides crafting copy that resonates and mapping out strategies for thoughtful, human-centered digital experiences...

You can also find me immersed in a good fantasy book, catching the latest episode of One Piece and Boku no Hero Academia, or waiting for the next Marvel Black Panther movie to come out. 


Here are 4 more fun facts about me:

I nearly went to architecture school

Partly because I wanted to get good at drawing and become a concept artist. (Spoiler: I achieved one of the two.)


Asking me "what's your favorite...?" or where I'm from may be the hardest questions you can throw at me.

Love the smell of a fresh, new book

I also have a deep fascination with birds, floofy animals, Japan, and all things related to art and tech.

Lifelong learning is my jam

“So much to learn and so little time” perfectly sums me up. Also, my brain cannot compute what "boredom" is. 

Official bio

Ralitsa Minkova is the Integrated Conversion Copy & Design Strategist you go to when you want to create delightful brand experiences, spark meaningful conversations with your messaging, and turn strangers into superfans.

As a conversion copywriter, she helps purpose-driven business owners and go from semi-visible to unforgettable by combining the Big Three: great user experience (UX), exceptional customer experience (CX) and ethical, empathy-first copywriting.

When she’s not setting up her clients for email success and writing copy that leads to more (sans-sleaze) sales, she’s either learning something new or helping fellow copywriters achieve that elusive yet magical copy-design synergy over at Design for Copywriters. So they can deliver a phenomenal client experience every single time.

Wondering what working with me looks like?

Whether you've worked with some kick-ass copywriters in the past or are still looking to find the "one" for your project, knowing what to expect is key for any successful partnership.

Because roaming freely in the Great Unknown without a compass or guide isn't exactly a pleasant experience. Especially when your time, money, and peace of mind are on the table.