Not every project needs to be a 6-month engagement

Sometimes, all you need is to get an expert pair of eyes on your emails. Or to borrow a strategic brain to help you set course for email greatness (and customer delight!)

Sound like you? 

Looking for a magical shortcut to better emails and more revenue?

Sadly, I can't promise you that.

The magic I can offer you, though, comes down to putting in the effort, care, and commitment to understanding your business and your unique needs.

So I can offer you the service experience and undivided attention you deserve, all while helping you get closer to your goals.

Because to me, you're not just another name I add to my client roster. 

From the moment you decide to work with me, you become my partner. No matter if this is for a short week or 6+ months.

And if you're up for it, here are the 3 ways I can help:

graphic for email audit service
Email UX & Conversion Audit

If you’ve got an email sequence that’s not converting well or a handful of emails you've done everything right but are still not bringing in any sales, this email audit is for you.

You'll get personalized recommendations based on user experience and conversion principles. Each email will be annotated, so you know what to double down on or improve for those quick wins.

This is also one of the best ways to get a sense of how I think about the overall messaging, and whether we’d make a great team for a more involved project. 

Price: $1,297 (for up to 5 emails) | Delivery: Within 10 workdays

graphic for strategy intensive service
Email success roadmap

Once you know where you stand with email, what opportunities are available to you, and what to double down on, you’re ready to set course for email success with a strategy that’s specifically created for your brand.

We’ll map out your profitable lifecycle email sequences so you know exactly what should go into each email (and why).

That way, you’ll have a comprehensive plan for all of your emails to keep your sales system running smoothly. All that's left? Getting your A-team to implement.

Price: $3,500 | Duration: 2 weeks

graphic for email sequence intensive
profitable emails intensive

Want to give your most important, money-making email sequences a conversion-focused uplift, but don't have a conversion copywriter on your team? Then this is for you. 

Get one full revenue-boosting email sequence (5-7 emails) within three weeks, with copy based on existing Voice-of-Customer data and conversion copywriting best practices.

Delivered with segmentation notes, on-brand messaging, and email wireframes. Comes with one week of email support post-delivery. Can be stacked for multiple email sequences.

Price: $5,500 | Delivery: 3 weeks

If there was a fast lane to working with me... this would be it.

Thing is, I want to make sure that what you're interested in is exactly what you need to conquer those goals and make the next chapter of your business epic.

So there are 3 simple (but super important) steps to do that:


Let's hop on a call

We’ll chat about your biggest challenge and what you're trying to improve. I’ll tell you what’s included and the process I follow, so you know exactly what to expect.


Are we a great fit?

Ask me anything you’re not sure about. The goal is for you to leave our call feeling confident that we are a great fit and that you’ll get exactly what you need and are looking for.


Be open to honesty

If a service isn't the best fit for your business, I’ll be first to tell you. But if it is, all you need to do is complete checkout, sign the contract, and let me handle all the rest. 

Here's what working with me looks like

Ralitsa is a highly-skilled conversion copywriter; someone who thinks with her brain and consults with her heart. I feel lucky and blessed to have had the opportunity to benefit from her level of mastery and craftsmanship.

She is meticulous, organised, dedicated, and ridiculously easy to work with. Some of the best qualities you could find in a seasoned professional. She is also incredibly kind and patient with her clients.

I absolutely love how quickly she’s able to roll up her sleeves, get deep into a complex project, understand it thoroughly from all angles, and advise the best steps to achieve ambitious goals.

She performs her research and copywriting duties with surgical precision, which makes her deliverables worth 10x more than what she charges for.

Rohan Chandrashekhar

Managing partner at

Have another, more involved project in mind?

Check out the process I follow for all custom projects to get a better sense of how I think.

 If you have a feeling we might be a great fit and want to explore the option of working together, drop me a line and let's get the conversation started!